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Access the Campsite Exchange

Generate a new and effortless stream of revenue by tapping into existing demand of over 500 Canadian agencies, advertisers and trading desks.

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Create and Manage your Campaigns

Use Campsite for Suppliers as an ad server to execute your own campaigns. Benefit from a truly modern solution to deliver campaigns based on impressions, use mobile data to dynamically target audiences and get detailed reports in real-time.

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Audience Powered by Mobile Data

Mobile data is collected around suppliers’ digital out-of-home screens to power demographic insights and made available in Campsite for Suppliers as a sales tool at no extra cost.

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Affordable Solution to Enter the Programmatic Ecosystem

We understand the processes and costs involved in operating a DOOH network. Network owners want robust, flexible, yet cost-effective choices. With Campsite for Suppliers, you can either integrate your current campaign management platform or we offer to replace it with an already integrated, completely free open-source solution.

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Campsite for Suppliers is the most effective way to monetize your Digital Out-of-Home Inventory

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Campsite for Suppliers?

Campsite for Suppliers is a dedicated solution for Suppliers’  programmatic needs. It acts as an SSP (Supply Side Platform) to access exchanges and buyers using DSPs (Demand Side Platform) to buy Digital-Out-of-Home. Campsite for Suppliers can also act as an ad server to create and manage advertising campaigns.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront cost to start using Campsite for Suppliers. Campsite makes money by adding a markup on inventory suppliers make available to be sold on exchanges.
For supply partners utilizing this feature, Campsite also charges a fee for ad-serving based solely on usage. That fee is automatically deducted from money generated by inventory being sold on exchanges.

Commission percentage and ad-serving fees are negotiated at contract signing.

When do I get paid?

Suppliers are paid on a monthly basis within NET 60-days of the end of each month. Statements, balances and payment status details are accessible in the billing section.

Campsite Exchange

What is the Campsite Exchange?

An exchange is where advertisers and sellers meet up to transact on inventory. The Campsite Exchange is dedicated to Digital Out-of-Home connecting more than 500 advertisers and a growing list of 15+ top tier and secondary suppliers in Canada.

On one side, Suppliers send bid requests from available inventory using the SSP (Supply-Side platform). On the other side, advertisers listen to bid requests and bid against each other using a platform called DSP (Demand-Side Platform). The highest bidder wins the inventory and their creative is sent to the screens. This process happens in real-time and is called RTB (Real-Time Bidding).

Can I control my inventory pricing?

Yes. You can apply a floor price based on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to networks, venues and screens. The floor price is the starting price and advertisers are bidding on top of that price.

Can I control what kind of creative I will receive from the exchange?

Yes. Sellers can apply restriction rules based on advertiser industry. Rules can be applied to networks, venues and screens. In addition, sellers can deactivate creatives from the network, venue or individual screens.

Can I approve creative before they play?

No. Creative approval is handled by the Campsite team according to Campsite’s creative policy. Once approved, creatives can start playing right away.

However, sellers can deactivate creatives from the network, venue or individual screens once the creative has started playing.

What kind of advertisers can I expect to see from Campsite?

The Campsite sales and account team vets each and every buyer account on the Campsite DSP. Typical buyers consist of agencies, trade-desks and direct advertisers. Advertisements hail from all verticals, such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, financial, CPG and more. Examples of buyers and brands buying on Campsite can be found here.

Mobile Data

Will you collect mobile data on my network?

Yes. We collect mobile data on all inventory made available on the Campsite Exchange. Once the inventory is imported in Campsite for Suppliers, the process is automated and managed by Campsite.

Why do you collect mobile data?

The main reason we collect mobile data is to offer advertisers a universal way of targeting inventory across multiple vendors. The ultimate goal is to offer buyers the opportunity to create an audience-based buy across several suppliers’ inventory and amongst various inventory types (place-based, transit, outdoor).

How much does the mobile data cost?

Access to mobile data is free for suppliers! When your inventory is sold through the Campsite Exchange, we add a markup to cover the mobile data cost. That means the advertisers are paying for it and since the data has been paid, we give you access to demographic reports on sold inventory.

How does the data collection work exactly?

We dedicate a whole section to this on our buyer website, you can read it here.

Can I use the mobile data from Campsite for Suppliers and import it into my own or a third party platform?

No. You are completely free to use Campsite mobile data as long as it remains within Campsite's platform.

Can I use audience insights for marketing purpose?

Yes, of course. Detailed audience reports can be generated on your network and used to build marketing tools and drive sales tactics.  These same audience insights can also be generated as post campaign reports, allowing you to detail for your clients the scope of segments reached with their campaigns on your network.

How is mobile data used in Campsite?

Mobile data is used as a targeting tool to create audiences and campaigns. It enable your sales team to sell campaigns based on reaching a desired demographic, such as students, car shoppers, or gamers. Since the data is refreshed on a weekly basis, the screen selection is optimized to always reach the highest audience concentration.

Mobile data is also used to generate demographic reports based on inventory sold through the Campsite exchange or based on audiences reached by a campaign.


What is the campaign feature?

The campaign feature  allows you to use Campsite for Suppliers as an ad server to plan, create, manage, execute and report your sales team’s advertising activities.

Campsite for Suppliers allows you to use advanced geo-targeting, audience targeting powered by mobile data, set up campaign objectives, define campaign value, manage campaign delivery, priority and schedule. It's a truly modern solution for ad serving dedicated to Digital Out-Of-Home advertising.

How much does it cost to use the campaign feature as an ad-server?

The ad serving feature is a pay-as-you-go feature. Meaning, you pay for what you use.

Starting fee is $0.10 per 1,000 ads served and is charged on a monthly basis.

If your inventory is sold through the Campsite Exchange, the ad serving fee is automatically deducted from the revenue generated in the exchange, meaning that  your ad serving costs can be entirely financed by inventory sold through the exchange.

What kind of target is available through Campsite?

Here’s a quick list:

  • Geotargeting: Province, City, FSA, Postal Code, bulk upload and point-of-interest geo-targets
  • Audience:  Age, Household Income, Interest & Activity, Life Stage and Intent
  • Networks
  • Products


Where does Campsite for Suppliers fit in a supplier’s product stack?

Campsite for Suppliers is both an SSP and an ad server. When using it as an SSP, you can open your inventory to exchanges where buyers can bid and win your inventory in real-time. When used as an ad-server, you can create and manage advertising campaigns entirely on your own.

Campsite for Suppliers fits between a CMS (Content Management System) and the Campsite Exchange. It needs to be integrated-with your current Content Management System (CMS).

Once integrated, the next step is to configure how much space on your screens you want to dedicate to Campsite for Suppliers. It can be one spot, the full loop or only the remnant/unsold spots, you decide. This will generate ad requests to Campsite for Suppliers, and Campsite will respond with ad creative coming from your campaigns or from exchanges.

Campsite for Suppliers can be connected as well via API to CRM, third party data source or any other platform.

What’s the difference between Campsite for Suppliers and a CMS?

Campsite for Suppliers is mainly designed to manage and deliver ad creatives. As such, it uses the concepts of advertisers, impressions, campaigns, audience targeting, objectives, pacing and bids or budgets.

A CMS has direct access to the screens. As a result, it uses concepts of calendars, scheduling, layouts and monitoring. It is not uncommon for DOOH CMS’s to use some advertising concepts as well.

Which CMSs are already integrated to Campsite for Suppliers?

Campsite for Suppliers is currently natively integrated via API with Scala, Signagelive, Linkett/AdStash and Ads On Top, in addition to several ‘in-house’ CMS’s. Other platforms, such as Broadsign and Ayuda are integrated via either VAST or HTML.

What are the options to integrate my own CMS / Players to Campsite for Suppliers?

We offer a complete API to integrate your own platform to Campsite for Suppliers. It is the most flexible and robust way to integrate.. Alternative integration via HTML or VAST are also possible. For more information, see Campsite for Developers.

What parts of the process should I expect to do manually?

Once integrated, most of the process is automated. For those that prefer a “set-it-and-forget-it” approach you simply need to define restrictions or exclusion rules and a floor CPM. Ad requests are automatically filled and payments are direct-deposited so there is no need for IOs or invoices. Your account manager will work with you to help optimize your network’s needs and potential through Campsite for Suppliers.